Tips & Trick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) New 2017

The new year 2017 would be the latest moment for you, especially there will be a lot of updates related to some information, especially for those who want to improve SEO in 2017. Google's search engine algorithm certainly have a lot of methods of searching for the most relevant results for users.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method or strategy used to determine the ranking of a website and content is higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to produce the best organic traffic.

In this article will discuss Completely Tops and Tricks what to do to maximize your website SEO / Blog in 2017.

Define Prefered Domain Website www vs. non-www Domain

This is the first user consideration, but it should be your decision to decide whether to use a www or non-www Domains prefered Domain.

Setup Friendly Permalinks

Permalink is a URL structure that appears in the address bar of your website. This will certainly improve the quality that search engine robots will read your urls well. If you are a WordPress user, then choose "Post name" for your permalink.

Keyword Research, and Focus on developing it

This is certainly not a secret anymore used by SEO experts. You should consistently embed the keywords on your website page. This is because it becomes your own power. How to strengthen keywords, the easiest way is to repeat the keyword on the article page you created.

Importance of Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords

The title on the post or page page is very important. Never ignore the post title. This is because search engines will track your Post Title so it will help search engines in displaying search results. Not only that, you also have to do manual setting on your Post Description Meta Deskription. This will make it easier and certainly will help you to optimize the keywords on your website. What about meta keywords? some experts point out that this is not necessary anymore, but you also need to do manual settings to determine some of your keyword targets easily.

Header Tags - H1, H2, H3

Header Tags are very important which will make it easier for search engines to determine Tags in your title.

Image Alt Tags and Title Tags

Very clear, because the search engines are not with the maximum in reading the picture. then make sure you use ALT and TITLE tags in your image.

Content is King

Make your content natural, and content is the most important thing you should prioritize. Make sure the content you create is not too short or too long, at least you can make a post to comprise at least 500 syllables. Another advantage of long duration content is that over time you will also start ranking for not only your keyword focus.

Importance of Dofollow vs NoFollow Links

Dofollow Link is a concept of crawling a website and when it finds dofollow links pass the link between them and their site linked to that link. This helps build authority and influence your ranking on Google. however, things you need to know is to make sure that you are not much of a DoFollow links leading to external websites, this is because the search engine will affect the view will banyaknnya than internal links external links. It is very important to improve the quality of your website backlink.

Add High Domain Authority

Contrary to the previous one, well make sure your website gets lots of external links pointing to your website. Surely you have to be selective to choose quality links for your website.


Sitemaps used by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex to grab your website hierarchy and structure and ensure better crawling. You must register your website to create Sitemaps on your website.

Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console / Bing Site

It is very important to register your website first so it can be indexed quickly on search engines. Do not forget to verify to enter your website and make sure it is listed in search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, etc.

Force Crawl for Faster Indexing

If you feel your website has not been indexed by search engines yet? on Google webmasters usually offer help to get search engine robots to check your website.

Utilize Social Signals

Make sure your Website is also connected with various Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Because social media has a very good referall link to improve the quality of website pages.


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